Family Protection Insurance

"Life CASCO"

There is no medical examination!
Packages from 2 to 50 million HUF
Yearly renewal – there is no long term dedication
Credit protection insurance – accepted by the banks
Risk type insurance – Not investment type product

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Unemployment insurance

Is my job safe and secure?
Unexpected loss of job?
Pay off?
Restructuration at the employer??

However we are doing our best to perform our work well, there are always risks resulting losing our job therefore a very harmful situation for the whole family when the main financial security provider is out.


Home insurance

The most important value apart from our life and family is our home. Our product is clear and simple providing a high value security for our real estates.
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Travel insurance

A not expected injury or illness is not easy to deal with even at home, and its more serious to consider when we are facing it abroad.

Pension program

How do you think your retired status will be?
Would you like to have the same life quality in a safe financial status?
We are helping you in these aims to come true.
The message of our pension program has never been so actual than nowadays.


Sales insurance

Trade with security - we take the cover! Atradius knows that in business, selling goods and services and choosing a creditworthy business partner carries risks. Atradius’s credit insurance service helps control this risk and provides reassuring protection in both domestic and international business transactions.


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Be it unemployment, even protection against loss of income, even life insurance, we are committed toto be unique, customized, at the same time provide quality serviceand all this at reasonable fees a “Partner in everyday life” under the banner of our slogan.

Claims Settlement

More than 250 insurance companies, Europe-wide representation guarantees yout hat your claim and the full claims settlement process are in the best hands with us, a “Partner in everyday life” under the banner of our slogan