Family Protection Insurance is a simple and affordable risk life insurance that guarantees the protection of the Insured’s family with responsible self-care in the event of death or disability for any reason. The tragedy of losing a loving father, husband, head of family is almost always exagerated by the unexpected situation that, in the absence of savings, a house or other property often has to be sold to ensure the survival of the family. With the insurance mediated by CORIS, your family can get a significant amount of services from as much as HUF 348 per month, with which you can know your loved ones safely even in the event of an unexpected tragedy.

It is important to know that the Insurance includes a waiting period. The Insurer’s risk bearing shall start from the signing of the offer, after the expiry of a waiting period of 90 days in case of illness and 30 days in case of accident.

Benefits of Family Protection Insurance:

Who do we recommend it to? It is recommended for all our responsible prospective clients with self-care in mind, in case of unforeseen death or disability:

Who can conclude it? Anyone who, on the date of signing the Offer, meets all the acceptance conditions in our system in force.

How can I tie it up? Insurance can be concluded quickly and easily with just a few clicks!

I’m interested!